Supply Chain

World Cargo transports any sort of natural resources, raw materials, components and finished products throughout the supply chain. No matter the size or quantity we can move your cargo.


We can handle all of your inventory needs from raw materials, to work-in-progress and we can distribute all of your finished products. You can use World Cargo as your Just-In-Time inventory management to ship anything you need to finish your product.

Domestic U.S.

Along with shipping around the world, World Cargo can transport your cargo within the United States. Using our extensive roster of domestic agents, we cover the entire U.S. by air, land and sea.


We ship any raw materials, tools or supplies to your manufacturing site. Once your product is finished we can handle all of your distribution needs.


World Cargo provides the vast technology sector by safely shipping everything from robots and computers to cabling and components to its destination.

Repair Supply

World Cargo works within all industries to ship repair parts and tools to your building site or wherever your equipment or vehicle is broken down. No matter how quickly you need it, we will get it there.


We serve the entire Marine industry from recreational boats to cruise lines and fishing vessels. As ships and ports constantly need maintenance, we can ship repair parts and supplies to keep your ship sailing smoothly.